My older brother, Isaiah, balks at the description of "chef," but just between you and me, that's exactly what he is.  (And given that I've been eating his food for my entire life, I know exactly what I'm talking about.)  Every morning, he makes muesli for breakfast, and this is my interpretation of his muesli for my own cooking purposes, although - like everything - he doesn't use recipes.  But here's the base of his breakfast, and I'll tweak it as I use it and discover things that I've done right or wrong.  

His basic ingredients are:

  • Muesli, 35% dried fruit, purchased in bulk from the local Fred Meyers
  • Fresh fruit (so far, I've discerned chopped apples, raspberries, sliced bananas and strawberries, but the sky's the limit here)
  • Vanilla yogurt - and maybe a splash of milk?

Interestingly, he doesn't soak the muesli in yogurt and milk overnight, which online recipes recommend, so either his purchased muesli is prepared to not require soaking, or the mix just ends up crunchier than "real" muesli.

I'm planning on the cheaper version, with home-made muesli - which is really just rolled oats, chopped nuts (if desired), and dried fruit.  Like Isaiah, I don't do so well with recipes - but if you want a stricter recipe, check this one out.